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Prevalon® Heel Protector III - Petite

Prevalon® Petite provides the same pressure relief by continuously cradling the foot and floating the heel. The Petite boot is ideal for those with a calf circumference of 10 inches or less. Our Prevalon Petite uses the integrated wedge to keep the foot upright and help prevent foot and leg rotation that can cause nerve damage. Prevalon uses a unique, soft, comfort-grip interior that keeps the boot in place.

  • Designed for a smaller calf circumference: 6in-10in
  • Floats the heel completely off the mattress
  • Open, floated-heel provides visibility
  • Keeps the foot in a neutral position
  • Prevents the leg from rotating outward
  • Comfortable stretch panels stay on
  • Ambidextrous, latex-free
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    What is a pressure ulcer?

    Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, are wounds caused by damage to the skin and tissues that lie beneath the skin, caused by unrelieved pressure. 1

    What causes a heel pressure ulcer?

    The risk factors for heel pressure ulcers are impaired mobility, surgery, and diabetes. 2, 3, 4 The heel and ankle are the second and fifth most common sites for pressure ulcer development.5 Developing a pressure ulcer can be costly and dangerous, making pressure ulcer prevention an important part of any care routine.

    How can I prevent a pressure ulcer?

    Pressure ulcers develop from the inside out, so it is important to protect against pressure ulcers even if it is not visible at the skin. 1 According to the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, "the time between development of a pressure ulcer and point when the ulcer becomes visible at the skin varies from several hours to three to five days."4

    Prevalon® Heel Protectors are designed to float the heel off the surface of the mattress, also known as offloading, to minimize pressure ulcer risk. In addition to addressing heel pressure ulcer risk, the Prevalon line includes options to help reduce risk of damage to the Achilles tendon by keeping the foot at a neutral position. An integrated wedge is also available to prevent the leg from rotating outward, helping protect nerves in the foot and leg.

    Effectively Minimize Pressure On The Heels

    Other heel protection products don't float the heel properly and can shift, minimizing their ability to effectively fight against heel pressure ulcers. While pillows can effectively float the heel, they easily move out of place. Prevalon® is an engineered pillow that uses a unique soft, comfort-grip material on the inside to keep the boot in place, providing continuous heel pressure relief.

    With different heel protectors, it is easy to find the Prevalon that meets your needs.

    Prevalon Heel Protector III - Petite, Standard and XL
    • Floats the heel
    • Keeps the foot in a neutral position
    • Prevents the leg from rotating outward
    Prevalon Heel Protector II
    • Floats the heel
    • Keeps the foot in a neutral position
    Prevalon Heel Protector
    • Floats the heel

    Sizing Chart

    Prevalon Heel Protector Sizing Chart

    References: 1. Getting started kit: prevent pressure ulcers, how-to guide. Protecting 5 Million Lives From Harm Campaign, Institute for Healthcare Improvement. 2006 Dec. 2. Maklebust J, Magnan MA, Adv Wound Care. Nov 1994;7(6):25,27-8,31-4 passim. 3. National Pressure ulcer Advisory Panel and European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel. Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers: clinical practice guideline. Washington DC: National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel; 2009. 4. Levin M, Adv Wound Care. Mar/Apr 1997; 10(2):24-30. 5. Amlung SR, Miller WL, Bosley LM, Adv Skin Wound Care. Nov/Dec 2001;14(6):297-301.

    Prevalon III Hell Protector

    Prevalon I, II and III Heel Protector Sizing Chart

    Preserve Heels, Preserve Revenue

    Prevalon ? Heel Protector I, II and III can have an immediate impact on your heel ulcer prevention efforts. Incorporating a heel pressure ulcer prevention protocol - combined with early, aggressive implementation of pressure-relieving devices and early identification of high-risk patient populations has been proven to reduce the rate of heel pressure ulcers.1 Clinically proven, Prevalon can help you establish a protocol for at-risk patients. It also has proven financial benefits, with one facility seeing a $1.9 million revenue preservation.1

    References: 1. Walsh J, Deocampo M,Waggoner D, Keeping heels intact: evaluation of a protocol for prevention of facility-acquired heel pressure ulcers. Poster presented at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care, San Antonio,TX, Apr 2006. 2. Meyers T, et al., Successful prevention of heel pressure ulcers and foot drop in the high risk ventilation patient population. Poster presented at Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), Orlando, FL, Dec 2007.
    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Protective Healers

    These boots are perfect for my son. He had similar ones that were way to big for him and when I found these in a smaller size, he and I were excited to try them.

    They fit perfectly and he can sit in his wheelchair so much better than before. They protect his feet and help him to sit straighter. Great product.

    Hopefully the velcro will last longer than the old ones.

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