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Comfort Shield® Barrier Cream Cloths - Small, 3 Pack

Protect your skin from the harsh effects of incontinence moisture in the convenience of a smaller package. Each washcloth delivers all-in-one skin cleansing, moisturizing, and barrier protection. Comfort Barrier Cream Cloths help prevent skin breakdown by applying an effective barrier every time it is used. Our convenient, portable 3-pack is the perfect way to bring the soothing and protecting washcloths with you on-the-go.

  • 8 medium washcloths/pack (7.8" x 7.5")
  • Easy-tear package for portable use
  • 3-in-1: clean, treat & protect incontinence-related skin irritation
  • Soothing, soft ultra-strong washcloths
  • Long-lasting 3% dimethicone seals out wetness
  • Hypoallergenic, non-irritating and latex free
  • Item# 7502

  • Also available in larger package sizes:

  • 8 large washcloths/pack
  • 8 medium washcloths/pack
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    What is diaper rash?

    Diaper rash is an inflammatory reaction that occurs to the skin in the diaper area and affects up to one third of infants at any time. 1 Symptoms of diaper rash may include redness and irritation as well as skin that is prone to chaffing.1

    What causes diaper rash?

    There are several causes of diaper rash, including extended periods of wetness in the diaper, which can lead to skin that is more easily damaged. 1 The urine and feces in a baby's diaper can affect the pH level of the skin in the diaper area and may cause redness and skin irritation.1

    How can I prevent and treat diaper rash?

    You can help to protect the skin in the diaper area by frequently changing your baby's diaper, using products to clean and condition the skin, and using disposable diapers. An article published in the Clinical Pediatrics Journal suggests that disposable diapers with material designed to decrease moisture on the skin may help prevent diaper rash.

    Experts recommend using a waterproof barrier that keeps wetness away from your baby's skin and supplements the skin's natural protections. 1 The use of a dimethicone barrier can also help with skin recovery for diaper rash.2

    Cleaning your baby's skin during a diaper change can halt the onset of diaper rash. One study suggests that cleansing the skin with water and a washcloth may have a negative impact on your baby's skin and may not clean as well as other cleansing methods. 2 Compatibility data found that the mildness of wipes was as good or better for baby's skin than water and a washcloth.2

    Ointments and creams act as a barrier and are used for skin recovery. They can also be used to help prevent diaper rash. 1,3 The addition of dimethicone to a wipe, lotion, cream, or ointment provides a barrier on the skin, which seals out wetness and can help protect sensitive skin in your baby's diaper area.2

    A study performed by Northwestern University's Department of Dermatology found that the 3% lotion based dimethicone barrier cream in Comfort Shield Barrier Cream Cloths were proven equivalent to traditional tube barrier creams. 4

    Unlike many other diaper rash creams, Comfort Shield� Barrier Cream Cloths apply a clear barrier, allowing you to see your baby's skin. Each disposable cloth is pre-moistened with a lotion-based 3% dimethicone barrier and contains moisturizers, such as Aloe and Vitamin E. The cloths are ultra-soft to be gentle on your baby's skin.

    Comfort Shield also cleans the skin, eliminating the need for additional wipes and creams at the diaper changing station, saving you time.

    Comfort Shield comes in a convenient package that you can take with you on the go or keep by your baby's changing table to use during regular diaper changes.

    Comfort Shield Barrier Cream Cloths are skin friendly and provide a breathable barrier that helps seal out wetness.

    Reference: 1. Clark-Greuel, J, et al., Setting the Record Straight on Diaper Rash and Disposable Diapers. Clinical Pediatrics. June 2014. 2. Adam R, Skin Care of the Diaper Area. Pediatric Dermatology; 25(4):427-433. 3. Helmes C, et al., Disposable Diaper Absorbency: Improvements via Advanced Designs. Clinical Pediatrics. June 2014. 4. West DP, Northwestern Univ Dept of Dermatology, Chicago, IL, Feb 2000.

    Drug Facts
    Active ingredient
    Dimethicone 3%......................................................................................................
    Skin protectant
    • helps seal out wetness
    • helps treat and prevent perineal dermatitis
    • protects from minor skin irritation associated with perineal dermatitis
    Do not attempt to heat this package or individual cloths. For external perineal use only. Avoid contact with the eyes.
    Stop use and consult a doctor if condition worsens or does not improve within 7 days
    Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away
    • remove wet and soiled garment
    • to open, peel open label and fold back to hinge point
    • cleanse soiled area using a fresh barrier cloth
    • use as often as necessary, especially if prolonged exposure to wetness anticipated
    • for individual use only
    • reseal label between uses
    • discard immediately if barrier cloths are dry
    If heating is desired:
    • peel open label without completely removing it
    • heat entire package in microwave for no longer than 45 seconds
    • since microwave wattage varies, adjust heating time accordingly
    • Comfort Shield? may also be used at room temperature
    • Caution: If there is any indication barrier cloths are excessively hot, do not use
    • remember, gloves diminish your sensitivity to heat
    • closely monitor heat level with infants, unresponsive or skin sensitive individuals
    Inactive ingredients
    water, glycerin, PPG-15 stearyl ether, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, stearic acid, aloe barbadensis gel, stearyl alcohol, chlorhexidine gluconate, hydroxyethyl cellulose, methylparaben, propylparaben barrier cloths: cellulose fiber/polyester (PET) fiber, 8.5" x 8.5"
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    call toll-free 800-323-2220 (Monday to Friday 8 AM- 5 PM CST)

    3% Dimethicone Barrier

    Inadequate incontinence care and exposure to moisture puts skin at risk for incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD), a painful red inflammation of the skin surrounding areas of incontinence that is a known risk factor for painful pressure ulcers. You can help prevent skin breakdown by applying a barrier after each incontinence episode.

    Our 3% dimethicone formula was proven equivalent to traditional tube barrier creams by Northwestern University's Department of Dermatology. 4 Unlike those sticky, hard to remove creams, our dimethicone barrier dries and comes in a convenient cloth, not a tube.

    Peri Check Helps Promote Skin Inspection and Communication

    Our Peri Check� Guide was created to help hospital staff monitor patient skin condition and communicate concerns to other medical staff, but it can be used by caregivers at any level.

    References: 1. Results from survey conducted at APIC 2010. Data on file. 2. Marchaim D, et al., Hospital bath basins are frequently contaminated with multi-drug resistant human pathogens. Poster presented at SHEA 21st Annual Scientific Meeting, April 2011. 3. Johnson D, Lineweaver, Maze L, Patients' bath basins as potential sources of infection: a multicenter sampling study, AJCC, Vol 18, No 1, Jan 2009. 4. West DP, Northwestern Univ Dept of Dermatology, Chicago, IL, Feb 2000.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Comfort Shield® Barrier Cream Cloths - 3 Pack

    the size is too small

    Woodstock, IL

    Babys are happy with shield.

    <p>Diaper rash is not a problem with shield wipes for our children. Our baby's have never been happier since we have started using shield wipes on them. They work great and clean up very well. I tell all of our friend's about shield wipes.</p>

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