Don’t Let Falls Get in the Way of Your Care

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November is National Family Caregivers Month, and we’d like to recognize the hard work you do every day taking care of your loved one. Did you know that one-third of adults over the age of 65 fall each year? 1 There are around 2.1 million cases each year of adults 65 and older being treated in the emergency room due to fall-related injuries.1

Injuries in or near the shower or bathtub accounted for more than two-thirds of all emergency room visits in 2011. 2

One of the easiest ways to avoid bathroom falls is to eliminate the need to move to the shower or bathtub. Sage offers a variety of rinse-free personal hygiene products that are simple and easy to use—all without running water.

Comfort Personal Cleansing Products from Sage With Comfort Bath® Cleansing Washcloths and Comfort Rinse-Free Shampoo Cap, there’s no need to get to the shower for a bath. Both Comfort Bath and our Shampoo Cap can be warmed in the microwave to provide a warm, soothing bath and leave skin and hair feeling clean.

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But preventing falls goes beyond just reducing fall risk in the shower. Other simple steps you can take to help prevent falls for your loved one are: 1

Be proactive.
Talk to your doctor about fall risk due to medication and make a fall prevention plan.

Make your home fall safe.
Keep the floor clear of tripping risks and keep the walking path wide.

Stay physically active.
Certain exercises can help improve strength, balance, and coordination.

Be shoe smart.
Help reduce fall risk by using shoes that are lace-up with ankle support, low heels, and rubber soles.

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