The unstoppable Joyce—nothing gets in her way

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I use a motorized wheelchair to get around the house and run errands. I have no feeling from my waist down. But believe me, my physical limitations don’t stop me from living a full life. The way I see it—I do everything I can while I can—no excuses. That’s always been my attitude in life.

Each morning I let my dogs outside—Rocky and Sissy. Then I make a cup a coffee—add some cream and sugar—then I start my day.

A few things about me—I like to stay busy and I love being outside. I love livin’ out in the country—call me a country girl. In Ohio, it’s so green and lush in the summers. My pine trees add an element of quiet beauty, while songbirds add to the peacefulness.

Look for me in the garden. That’s where I’m usually planting gladiolas, crocuses, and miniature rose bushes. I love it there because it’s so peaceful and my mind wanders without worries.

My friend’s son adopted me as his grandma. We sip iced tea and sit under the shade tree. He helps me with the yard and sometimes mows the lawn—I live on an acre. But when he’s unavailable, I manage the riding mower on my own. I’m fairly independent.

For the past 15 years, I’ve taken care of the house, my yard, and myself. Thankfully I have good friends. When life throws me a curveball, I lean on them.

Around Spring 2014, I developed a pressure ulcer on both my hip and heel. Later that year, my heel became so infected. Doctors rushed me into emergency surgery—sometime in December. My hospital stay came with some ups and downs, but I finally made it home.

A nurse still visits me daily to check my wounds and change the dressings. But it’s up to me to keep the wounds dry. For about nine weeks after surgery, it meant no baths.

Since the bathtub was off limits, I needed a bathing alternative. Thankfully, the hospital gave me some Sage brand, rinse free Comfort Bath® Cleansing Washcloths. They came in real handy. After I finished off the initial package, I ordered more and used them while my wounds were still healing. I felt so clean and comfortable each time I used those washcloths.

All I can say—Sage Products really stand out when it comes to quality.

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