Sage Products soon to launch the Prevalon® Turn and Position System (TAP)

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People confined to the bed for long periods are more prone to bed sores. So it’s crucial to move, reposition or prop them up regularly to prevent bed sores. The Prevalon ® Turn and Position System (TAP) is a product designed to make moving a bedbound person a lot easier and without the worry of wrenching your back 1.

How it works. A unique friction deterring glide sheet is placed underneath the person in bed which assists caregivers in repositioning their loved one with much more ease. The Microclimate Body Pad wicks away moisture while 30-degree angular body wedges equalize pressure placed on the sacrum, which is a vertebra located at the base of the spine near the pelvis 2.

TAP has been used in hospitals across the country since 2011 and will soon be available to caregivers at home.

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