Pamela’s story and her son’s journey with inflammatory bowel disease

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As told by Sage Products

As a mother, there’s nothing you want more than to know your child is healthy and safe. And when a child gets sick, it becomes an all-consuming job to help return them to good health. All through my son’s treatment, we researched the disease, the medications, and the specialists who could help him. At first, he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

Doctors prescribed all sorts of medicines, but nothing seemed to help get this disease under control. Eventually he had emergency surgery which left my son without a colon. There were more surgeries to come. After each one, we did what all parents do—we hoped for the best, and we believed he would be relieved of IBD with his colon gone. But no such luck.

Instead, we faced more uphill battles. At one point, my son was placed on IV nutrition because he lost so much weight. Then he started a course of medications that suppressed his immune system. Eventually his diagnosis changed to Crohn’s disease.

Eventually, I turned to social media to learn more about the disease and how to better manage it. That’s when I discovered Sage Products and their Barrier Cream cloths for incontinence. Barrier creams are used to give sensitive skin an extra layer of protection caused by frequent bowel movements.

People with Crohn’s and colitis tend to use the restroom more frequently, compared to people without the disease. So it’s critically important to keep your skin clean and protected after each bowel movement.

There are plenty of barrier creams on the market. But they’re usually messy and end up dripping down into your underwear. With the Sage Barrier Cloths, we find they are much more soothing than other products.

For one, with Sage Barrier Cream cloths, there’s much less wiping, which, by the way can cause added irritation. And because the cream is built right into wipe, it’s a better design, easy to use and convenient. Sage has really made a fabulous product.

The bottom line—my son says these wipes feel much better than the other wipes or creams.

My son has had a lot of challenges in his young life. But he’s met each one with determination, resilience and good humor. He hasn’t let the disease sideline his aspirations in life. Instead, he’s taken it as an opportunity to do some good and help others.

We are so proud of him. In May, 2014, with his team, “No Colon, Still Rollin!” he raised over $70K for the Colitis and Crohn’s Foundation of America (CCFA) New York City chapter, through the “Takes Steps Walk.” Because of that dedication and hard work, CCFA recognized him with the “Take Steps Honored Hero” award last year.

When sports weren’t an option for him, when he was so sick, he took up stand-up comedy. His act centered on a set about how he had to “break up with his colon.” Now at age 14, he is back to playing soccer and basketball.

One way he manages the disease is by sticking to a careful diet. While it’s hard not to order Chinese food in New York City, we know eating the right foods is some of the best medicine.