My Oral Care Story - Recovery from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

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I will never be able to thank you enough or express how life saving your oral care products were and how much they helped me through my recovery from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

I was in the hospital for four days and on admission already had developed bilateral corneal abrasions, mouth ulcers and bleeding lips. I was only drinking water through a straw.

I was given the hospitals hard toothettes to soak in water. I could not get them in my mouth without pain or bleeding. I couldn't get my toothbrush in my mouth, so I used my small finger and water to rinse my mouth.

I was sent home to struggle with this on my own, which was four frustrating days until your products arrived.

Finally relief! I first tried the moisturizer spray. I could finally swallow and produce some saliva. Your toothettes were so soft, I cautiously debrided my mouth and lips with the Perox-A-Mint solution no stinging or bleeding for the first time. It was wonderful, so then I used your small toothbrush and paste. So soft and no pain. Finally old food particles came out with ease.

I continued to use the products throughout the day especially the moisturizer spray. Within hours I was drinking so much better and producing saliva and finally able to fall asleep for a couple of hours at a time without mouth pain on waking.

My lips were severely swollen and bleeding. I was Prescribed Bacitracin ointment for several days and then I was able to use the mouth moisturer on my lips. So soothing.

After my experience, I feel it necessary to make my hospital aware of these products and to try to make them available to other patients that could also benefit from them.

Charlene German, RN
Clearwater, FL