Getting dressed made simple—in six easy steps

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Maybe you’re new to helping someone else get dressed. While a loved one may prefer lounging around in a nightgown or pajama pants until noon, starting the day by getting dressed creates an important routine. Keep a few things in mind when dressing a loved one. For starters, it helps to remember their dignity. Some people may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when getting undressed. For safety purposes, be careful with your loved one’s weak limbs and soar joints.

Checklist for getting dressed

  1. Let your loved one choose their outfits.
  2. If they appear confused about what to wear, give them two or three choices.
  3. Opt for loose fitting clothing and styles that are easy to wear and remove.
  4. When shopping for garments, look for snaps, zippers, Velcro ®, and elastic.
  5. If your loved one needs help getting dressed, hand them one item at a time—but it’s a good idea to let them do as much as they can.
  6. When helping someone get dressed, if they have weakness on one side of their body, start by dressing that side first. With undressing, use the same rule—undress the weaker side first.
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