Bathing basics

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Did you know? Some hospitals toss out traditional soap and water bath basins and instead choose disposable cleansing cloths. That’s because bath basins may harbor bacteria, which may be potentially transferred to the patient during a sponge bath using a basin.1

If you provide care for someone confined to a bed, then you probably understand some of the daily challenges with personal hygiene. To make bedside bathing easier, maybe it’s time to consider leaving the old bath basin and soapy washcloths behind. By choosing from the line of Sage Products rinse free Essential Bath® Cleansing Washcloths , it makes bath time more convenient.

Here’s how to give a bed bath using the Sage line of pre-moistened rinse-free Comfort Bath cloths

  1. Use one washcloth for each area of the body, starting with the front of the body working your way to the back of the body, discard each cloth as it’s been used.
  2. Wash the face, neck and chest first.
  3. Then with a fresh cloth wash the Right Arm.
  4. With the third fresh cloth wash the Left Arm.
  5. Next wash the Perineum, this is the area between the anus and the scrotum or vulva.
  6. With the remaining four cloths use one of each for the following body parts, right leg, left leg, back and finally the buttocks.

Reference: 1."water basin germs"

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