Retail Administration Sales Policy

Corporate Name: Shop Sage Products
Corporate Address: 3909 Three Oaks Rd.
Cary, Illinois 60013
United States
Telephone/Fax: Telephone: 815.455.4700
Toll Free: 800-220-0928
Fax: 815-444-5719
Brands: Comfort Personal Cleansing
Manufacturer UPC #: 18029
Web Site:
DUNS #: 05-4326178

Client Sales Policies & Procedures

Corporate Terms: 2% 10 net 30
Minimum Order: $500.00
Freight: Prepaid
Order Processing: All non-EDI orders are to faxed to the Sage Products Customer Service Department, fax 815.455.5599. The purchase order must include ship to and bill to addresses. The requested delivery date and PO number must also be included. Special instructions must be indicated on the purchase order.
Customer Service Contact: Cheryl Latendresse
Tel: 800.323.2220, ext. 1387
EDI Contact: Harold Hallberg
Tel: 800.323.2220, ext. 1468
Advertising/Payment Request Contact: For all promotional payments, the customer's invoice along with the "proof of performance" must be submitted to Sage Products, Inc.

Shop Sage Products
Attn: Karla Schneider
3909 Three Oaks Rd.
Cary, Illinois 60013
United States
Order Lead Time: 7-10 business days
Shipping Address: 3909 Three Oaks Rd.
Cary, Illinois 60013
United States
Remit to Address: 2785 Paysphere Circle
Chicago, IL 60674
Drop Ship: All drop ship requests must first be approved by Customer Service. There is a $25 drop ship fee for all orders.
Slotting Fees: Not available.
New Accounts: All new accounts must first be approved by Sage Products Customer Service prior to shipping an order.
Credit Check: A Sage Products Application for Credit must be completed prior to shipping a new account's opening order. The completed form must be submitted to Sage Products. Please allow 5 business days for processing
Certificate of Insurance: A Certificate of Insurance is available upon request by contacting Sally Ulreich. You can email your requests to
Extra Dating: Not available.

Client Sales Policies & Procedures

All product returns must be authorized by Sage Products prior to return of items. Authorization for returns may be obtained by calling Sage Products' Customer Service at 800-220-0928, ext. 1136.

Non-direct accounts should channel returns through the source of purchase. Customers must provide the account information requested in order for the return to be considered for credit including:

  • Package Size
  • Reason for Return
  • Quantity
  • Control Number or Lot Number
  • Date Purchased
  • Purchase Order Number

If the return is from the wholesaler's customer, the name of the customer and date of purchase must be provided in order for the return to be considered for credit.

Sage Products reserves the sole right to determine whether items qualify for return and credit. Sage's determination of the physical count of the returned products will be final. By returning products or other recourse, any returned packages that Sage Products determines are ineligible for credit.

Sage Products will only consider for credit product purchased directly from Sage or through a wholesaler within the United States of America. Product that has been purchased from sources outside of the United States will not be considered for credit, refund or exchange.

Returns will be accepted for credit if the product is:

  • Returned in the original, labeled, unopened and undamaged package
  • Product is returned no more than six (6) months prior to expiration date
  • Product is returned no more than twelve (12) months after the expiration date

Returns will be considered as "Authorized Product" if:

  • A billing or shipping error has occurred
  • A product is recalled

Return requests of less than (1) full case of product will be authorized for credit and disposal on-site if:

  • Written authorization from Sage Products is obtained prior to disposal

Sage Products will not extend credit for packages which:

  • Do not meet the "Expired Product" or "Authorized Product" requirements
  • Have been opened, altered or removed from their original package
  • Have been purchased at sacrifice, fire or bankruptcy sales
  • Are damaged by fire, water, cold, heat, smoke or improper storage
  • Were sold on a non-returnable basis

All credit will be made by memorandum. Credit will be calculated at the last published price (Wholesale Acquisition Cost) associated with the lot number of the returned product.

Sage does not authorize credit for reclamation or returned goods processing fees.

All products should be returned to:

Shop Sage Products
3909 Three Oaks Rd.
Cary, Illinois 60013
United States