Pressure Ulcer Heel Protection FAQs

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Q: Why should I use this heel protector?

A: Prevalon is proven to help reduce the risk of heel pressure ulcers with our unique design. Prevalon is a soft, comfortable boot that provides 3-in-1 heel protection for those who are confined to bed or have limited mobility.

With different heel protectors, it is easy to find the Prevalon that meets your needs.

Q: What are the differences between heel protector I, II and III?

Prevalon Heel Protector III - Petite, Standard and XL

  • Floats the heel
  • Keeps the foot in a neutral position
  • Prevents the leg from rotating outward

Prevalon Heel Protector II

  • Floats the heel
  • Keeps the foot in a neutral position

Prevalon Heel Protector I

  • Floats the heel

Q: What are the problems with other heel protectors?

A: Other heel protection products don't float the heel properly and can shift, minimizing their ability to effectively fight against heel pressure ulcers. While pillows can effectively float the heel, they easily move out of place.

Q: What size and how do I specify left/right?

A: Prevalon comes in three sizes that work on either the right or left foot. Sizes are measured by calf circumference • Petite calf circumference: 6in-10in or 15cm-25cm • Standard calf circumference: 10in-18in or 25cm-46cm • XL calf circumference: 18in-24in or 46cm-61cm