Microclimate Body Pads FAQs

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Q: What’s the difference between the Standard and Large size?

A: Standard size is 23" x 36” and the large is 50" x 36".

Q: Why buy these over other Pads?

A: Microclimate Body Pads are great protection from leaking or occasional incontinence. Standard pads are thin and can leak. The Microclimate Body Pad has four layers to effectively absorb and lock in large amounts of moisture due to incontinence and other conditions. Effectively absorbing moisture helps the skin maintain even temperature.

Q: Do these Pads have a plastic backing?

A: No, the Pads do not contain plastic which can lead to skin irritation and breakdown.

Q: Can these Pads be used to reposition my mom?

A: No they are not designed to move patients.