Comfort® Shield Barrier Cream Cloths FAQs

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Q: Why is a barrier important?

A: A barrier helps prevent painful skin breakdown which often starts with red sore skin and can worsen, potentially becoming a pressure ulcer. Our signature 3% dimethicone cream barrier is proven to treat and prevent this breakdown, which is also known as diaper rash or incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD).

Q: Are these Cloths thick like real washcloths, or thin like wipes?

A: Comfort Shield Barrier Cloths and Comfort Bath are thicker and bigger than wipes. They are disposable for easy use and clean-up, but are not as thick as a wash cloth that you launder. We hear that people use less Comfort Cloths than typical wipes because ours are bigger and more durable. We also hear that our Cloths are less irritating to sensitive skin than wash cloths, which touch the skin first for washing and then a second time for rinsing.

Q: Are these Cloths disposable or reusable?

A: Comfort Shield and Comfort Bath Cloths are disposable in the trash. Do not flush. Do not reuse.

Q: Why is the Comfort Shield Barrier better than diaper creams?

A: Comfort Shield is 3 steps in one—clean, treat and protect against skin breakdown. Our unique 3% dimethicone cream barrier doesn’t have the problems associated with typical diaper creams. Typical creams can leave behind a filmy residue or hard to remove caked-on cream which can also mask the early signs of skin breakdown, making it harder to receive preventive care.

Q: Will I be allergic to these Cloths?

A: Our Cloths are proven hypoallergenic, gentle and non-irritating even for skin with existing redness and irritation due to incontinence. It’s important to check the perineal area regularly for signs of or worsening skin breakdown, and for you to be in touch with a health care professional.