Comfort Bath and Essential Bath FAQs

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Q: What’s the difference between Comfort Bath and Essential Bath Cloths?

A: Comfort Bath is a heavier weight cloth than Essential Bath which is medium weight. Both are much larger and more durable than wipes which can tear during use.

Q: Are these Cloths thick like real washcloths, or thin like wipes?

A: Comfort Shield Barrier Cloths and Comfort Bath Cloths are thicker and bigger than wipes. They are disposable for easy use and clean-up, but are not as thick as a wash cloth that you launder. We hear that people use less Comfort Cloths than typical wipes because ours are bigger and more durable. We also hear that our Cloths are less irritating to sensitive skin that wash cloths, which touch the skin first for washing and then a second time for rinsing.

Q: Are these disposable or reusable?

A: Comfort Shield and Comfort Bath Cloths are disposable in the trash. Do not flush. Do not reuse.

Q: What’s the advantage of these Cloths over sponge baths or traditional bathing?

A: Our Cloths are ideal for those who can’t safely bathe in a tub or shower. And our cloths are safer than sponge baths from basins which are known to harbor bacteria and spread infection. Plus our Cloths eliminate the need to rinse. Infused with moisturizers, our hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested Cloths soothe the skin unlike harsh soaps.

Q: My mom gets cold during bathing. Any advice?

A: Giving a relaxing, soothing and warm bath is easier than ever—just put the Cloth package in the microwave! Unlike basin water, which starts cooling immediately, our insulated package keeps Cloths warm throughout the bathing process