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Advanced Oral Moisturizer Spray

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Moisturize oral tissue quickly and easily! Our convenient, Spearmint flavored spray hydrates, lubricates, and seals in moisture to the entire mouth with Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally-occurring substance known for its ability to bind and retain water. Each package of spray comes with 3 1 fl. oz. bottles.

  • Naturally moisturizes oral tissues
  • Convenient spray dispenser
  • Latex free
  • Customer Reviews
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    Maintain a Clean, Healthy Mouth

    Oral health is an important factor of overall health. In order to maintain oral health, it is important to help prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth. In the absence of brushing, this bacteria forms dental plaque that has been linked to various diseases that originate in the mouth, including gingivitis. One study showed that "plaque on teeth can provide a breeding ground for this growth of bacteria."1

    Using Sage's line of Toothette ® Oral Care products, you can help reduce the risk of plaque buildup in the mouth and promote oral health. Trust that you are achieving a clean, healthy mouth with the #1 trusted brand of oral care in hospitals.

    Convenient spray, no applicator swab

    Oral moisturizing is convenient, quick, and easy with our unique spray applicator. No need for an oral swab applicator, our specially designed spray nozzle reaches in to the mouth to spray a wide, moisturizing mist, coating the entire oral cavity.

    Moisturize oral tissues naturally

    Our Advanced Oral Moisturizer contains a naturally occurring substance that is found in saliva that is known for its ability to bind and retain water. It works to hydrate and lubricate the mouth while attracting and sealing in moisture..

    Dispenser packaging available

    Advanced Oral Moisturizer Spray is packaged in 3 1 fl. oz. spray bottles per pack. For larger users, our dispenser cartons hold 30 1 fl. oz. spray bottles.

    Directions: Place nozzle in oral cavity. Depress pump several times to coat entire oral cavity, concentrating on dry areas. Use as often as required to replenish oral moisture levels.

    Ingredients: Water, glycerin, xylitol, mint flavor, polysorbate 20, polysorbate 80, potassium sorbate, sodium hyaluronate, cetylpyridinium chloride. LATEX FREE

    Toothette's ® easy-to-use oral care systems help reduce bacterial colonization in the mouth and on the surface of the teeth - a known risk factor for ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).1 In fact, two separate studies using our Q·Care® Oral Cleansing and Suctioning Systems as part of a comprehensive oral care protocol saw VAP reductions of 42% and 60%.2,3 With multiple products incorporating innovative tools and effective solutions, proven clinical outcomes and effective compliance programs, it's no wonder 93% of all oral care is trusted to Toothette.4

    References: 1. Vollman K, Garcia R, Miller L, AACN News. 2005 Aug; 22(8):12-6. 2. Vollman K, Garcia R, Miller L, AACN News. 2005;22(8):122-3,15-6. 3. Schleder B, Stott K, Lloyd RC, J Advocate Health Care. 2002;4(1):27-30 4. Healthcare Products Information Services (HPIS), Hospital Market Trend Report, 2nd Qtr 2006.
    Overall Customer Rating of 12 Reviews:

    This is Good Stuff

    <p>This stuff is good!!!!....my wife used to suck on lozenges at night...wake up 3 or 4 times a night.....now only wakes up twice....hasn't gone completely through the night yet.....but we're hoping.......anyway....this is good stuff!!</p>

    OK - Oklahoma

    Really works

    <p>This works better than any other spray that I have tried & it's spray nozzle is much easier to spray the affected areas of your mouth.</p>

    Geneva, NY

    Works for me.

    <p>This is the only dry mouth product that tastes fine, feels good, and works to relieve dry moth symptoms.</p>

    Excellent product

    <p>My 90-year-old mother has tried many products for dry mouth and couldn't tolerate any. She was given this in the hospital and liked it. I'm very impressed with the speed of delivery too.</p>


    Advance Oral Moisture Spray

    <p>My first purchased was to increase my order to get the free shipping!!! Now I order to use myself. I walk every day and use the spray to keep my mouth moist. Love this spray.</p>